Hub City Carwash Open 24/7, Clean Your Pets Too

Hub City North Location “Pet Wash”

OUR PET WASH… is located at 1185 N 7th Street in Rochelle, we are open 24/7, we keep it heated in the winter, and with the water being temperature controlled all year round for you and your pet. We are a Self-Service Pet Wash as your pet prefers to be washed by you, the master. Your clean pet is a happy pet, just like we take great pride in assuring you the cleanest and most sanitary pet wash in town… Oh wait, we are the only one in town!

HOW IT WORKS… when washing your pet you notice the foaming action coming out of the nozzle as we inject air in all our products. Oxygenating the products is a plus, which helps eliminate the harsh scrubbing and gives your pet a messaging action which stimulates blood flow.

OUR PET PRODUCTS… We use only the highest quality Blendco products “shampoo & conditioner, etc.” in our wash to ensure healthy and safe cleaning of your pets.

Pet Wash Products “Formulated for Optimum Performance”

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • pH-balanced for sensitive skin
  • Luxurious foam
  • Smooth after-feel
  • Ideal for self-serve pet washes

Only the best for your pets

Oatmeal Pet Shampoo – Mild shampoo to relieve dry, itchy skin with a watermelon scent.

Tearless Pet Shampoo – Clean rinsing shampoo that is gentle on the eyes. Adds shine and luster with a great watermelon scent.

Flea and Tick Shampoo – Prevents tangles and imparts a high sheen with a piña colada scent.

Pet Skunk Odor Remover – Technologically advanced odor control that eliminates odors instead of covering them up.

Cleaner and Deodorizer – This neutral pH detergent cleans and deodorizes hard surfaces in contact with household pets, specifically pet wash stations.